Enabling Digital Transformation with Security Services

The security landscape of the enterprise has changed in response to growing networks, the proliferation of mobile devices, disruptive technologies, and cloud environment. The way an organization needs to think about security has changed from passive defense to active defense. In a changing, modern business environment, employees want to work from everywhere and still access all the data they need. At the same time, data security is more important than ever. According to Gartner reports that by 2020, 60-percent of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to the inability of IT security teams to manage digital risk.

SoftNice offers a portfolio of security services to address the enterprise security threats in the new digital economy. Our unique and holistic approach protects your entire enterprise estate, provide powerful threat mitigation, protection by detecting intrusions or vulnerabilities in real-time thereby preventing data loss spanning from on-premise and into the Cloud. Our alliances with leading next-gen security enterprises like CISCO, Check Point and Palo Alto Networks combined with deep expertise helps enterprises reduce security risks in their digital transformation journey.


In today’s mobile-cloud world, security is the foundation for agility, growth and innovation. Stay ahead of threats, get ready for compliance audits to help protect and transform your business with an extensive Security Assessment. We help perform an assessment of current security and compliance requirements and configurations for the existing infrastructure and provide mitigation strategies and identify remediation efforts.

Security Assessment
Security Optimization


In the new digital economy, cloud, mobility, analytics, remote access, malware threats, and several compliance requirements requires strong security implementations. Technology plays a vital role in optimizing, consolidating resources and can help you save money, improve service and reduce the risk of security breaches. At SoftNice, we enable the consolidation and optimization of your data center infrastructure, servers, storage, networks and middleware software to improve agility, reliability and reduce total-cost-to-ownership.


Identifying the security solutions your enterprises need to address modern security threats is only the first step in protecting your business. At SoftNice, we leverage our next-gen partners’ hardware, and software and our in-house team of security experts to build multi-layer security systems to protect your infrastructure and data.

Security Solutions Implementation
CISO Services


Cyber security continues to be one of the biggest challenge in today’s digital world. The modern CISO has an increasingly challenging and complex role to perform; ensuring the enterprises are safe from emerging threats, and security gaps.
At SoftNice, our security consultants can provide independent & tailored services directly to our customers to help the CISO maintain an ongoing and flexible focus on security. Our CISO services include – security assessment, long-term security, develop strategic roadmap, and policy & compliance.

SoftNice helps the client protect sensitive data with Information Protection to improve the security of the data.
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